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Q: What Is the TUFF SRC Basecoat and Topcoat kit?
A: This kit is a synthetic rubber compound that can be painted onto your shoes, and will protect your shoes from grip tape wear.
Q: What can I do to cover a giant hole in my shoe?
A: You can get a small thick patch that can be any material
(not leather). Superglue that patch over the hole and let it dry. Proceed to paint our kit on the shoe and it will be as good as new.
Q: What Is the difference with TUFF SRC & other products?
A: With most products like Shoe goo, flex seal, tape, or any type of glue, you would have to re-apply every time you skate, which can be very tedious. Sometimes your shoe can even stick to the grip tape. With TUFF SRC, once you apply our Basecoat and Topcoat Kit, you can skate for months without re-applying. Once the product has worn down on your shoe, you can re-apply it again. To add, your shoe wont stick to the grip tape.
Q: Where is the product shipping from?
A: We ship our products from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Q: Where do you currently ship to?
A: As of now, we ship our products across
North America (Canada, United States) only. 
Q: Where do I store the product?
A: The product can be stored anywhere room temperature. Just make sure you keep the cans closed as the paint can dry out. keep away from water.
Q: Can I return the product?
A: For any questions related to returns click here.
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